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~  P A B L O    P I C A S S O
What I Do


The origin of my artistic journey, drawing and painting were the my first mediums of visual expression and are still some of my largest passions.


From logos and posters to websites and games, there isn't much that involves graphic arts that I haven't tried making designs for.


After visiting breathtaking locations such as New Zealand and Jiu Zhai Gou in China, I was inspired to experiment with the world of photography.

3D Animation

The newest branch of my artistic breadth, after taking a course for Autodesk Maya, I began exploring the world of 3D modeling and animation.

Music Production

Ever since Garageband came out on the iPad, I've been in love with music production, and since then I have produced for films, video games, and more.

Where modern art meets culture,

social commentary, and technology.

Who I Am
Kevin Ke Kevinartist

Art is my second voice, the perfect canvas for my ideas. Although I consider graphite to be my specialty, start of high school I began experimenting with other mediums such as painting, photography, and design. I was delighted to work at Age of Learning Inc. where I was a storyboard artist and post-production editor. After I was exposed to the cinematic arts, I decided to pursue my dream of working in the film industry as a visual effects artists (Pirates of the Caribbean is my favorite. Ask my friends; they know). I am currently studying in the School of Cinematic Arts at the University of Southern California. Aside from art, I also play violin, piano, and guitar with a passion for music production.


Having grown up in the Silicon Valley, I have personally witnessed the evolution of technology and its effects on my community. Both my parents majored in computer science and electrical engineering, and as a kid, I was constantly surrounded by what new technological advancements had to offer. While I felt a slight pressure to follow in their footsteps, I never quite found the same passion for computer science that my parents seemed to have, but I began to notice that my art showed heavy influence from my STEM surrounding. Instead of hiding it, I decided to expose it even more; after all, technology is in everyone's lives. No one loves tech more than I do, but as you can see in my work, it has its dangers.

Kevin Ke Kevinartist
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